The Role of Progesterone in a Woman

The progesterone hormone plays a very important role in the life of a woman. This is the hormone that is responsible for making sure that a woman is in good health during her pregnancy, as well as that her unborn fetus develops and is properly protected in the womb. It also causes some changes in the mother’s body so as to support the growth of the baby during the entire period of pregnancy. This hormone increases during pregnancy in order to make the uterine wall thicker and to prevent contractions. This action allows the fetus to become well attached to the uterine wall and at the same time, prevent it from being detached. Detachment of the fetus dung this stage of pregnancy is dangerous to both the woman and her unborn child and may cause a miscarriage. A miscarriage is a loss of the pregnancy in the first trimester pregnancy. It may not be known to you, but every woman’s dream is to become a mother some day. Motherhood is cherished by all societies around the world no matter the culture or family background. In addition, the joy of a new born baby can never be matched to any other joy that there is in our world. This is why it is essential for women to know the role of progesterone in their bodies.

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